A-10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog) Systems Engineering Case study

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The Department of Defense is exponentially increasing the acquisition of joint complex systems that deliver needed capabilities demanded by our war-fighter. Systems engineering is the technical and technical management process that focuses explicitly on delivering and sustaining robust, high quality, affordable solutions.

The Air Force leadership has collectively stated the need to mature a sound systems engineering process throughout the Air Force. Gaining an understanding of the past and distilling learning principles that are then shared with others through our formal education and practitioner support are critical to achieving continuous improvements.

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The Department of Defense continues to develop and acquire joint systems and to deliver needed capabilities to the warfighter. With a constant objective to improve and mature the acquisition process, it continues to pursue new and creative methodologies to purchase these technically complex systems.

David R.Jacques, PhD, LtCol USAF, Dennis D.Stroudle, PhD
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