TENDERER’S RESPONSE to RFT for Supply and Support of a SmartBus Route 700 ICT System

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Expense Arrangements for Consultancy Services

International or interstate travels, including accommodation, required in the provision of Consultancy Services will be provided by the Department at no cost to the Contractor for the Contract term. Unless the Request for Tender expressly states otherwise, all travel costs will be reimbursed on the basis applicable to the Department’s employees.

Meals and personal expenses incurred in the provision of Consultancy Services are the responsibility of the Contractor and will be reimbursed on a cost-recovery basis only, and should be detailed in the Table, Meals and Disbursements of this Schedule. Usual out-of-pocket expenses incurred in the provision of Consultancy Services in respect of couriers, faxes, interstate or international phone calls, photocopies and the like are usually incorporated into the Tender Price.

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The Tenderer specified below offers to execute the Works, supply the Goods or perform the Services (as is appropriate) in accordance with the contract conditions included with the Request for Tender documentation for the amount or amounts set out in these Tender Documents.

The Tenderer warrants that all information contained in this Tender is accurate and complete. The Tenderer warrants that it has not, in this Tender or as part of the tender process, provided any inaccurate or misleading information to the Department or representatives of the Department.

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