FAA STD- Appendix XII (System Allocation Document)

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130.3 Organization and content
The SAD shall include the data contained in sample formats A, B, and C shown on Figures 18. 19 and 20, however, the format is not a mandatory requirement. The document shall consist of lists, prepared as book form drawings and assigned drawing numbers, which identify the system configuration of each location. It shall also consist of the top assembly drawings of the configuration items at those locations.

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130.1 Purpose
This appendix provides criteria to be followed in the development of a System ALlocation Document (SAD).

130.2 Scope
The SAD is used to identify the group of configuration items (computer software, hardware and facilities) which form the basis for system design and integration. It shall be the document that identifies the location of all configuration items by configuration items serial number for each location of the system/configuration item program. The contractor shall prepare the SAD and shall update and maintain the document as specified in the contract.

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