RSA MIL STD- Ergonomic Requirements for Military Systems Equipment and Facilities, Standard for

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It is not intended that all the requirements contained herein should be applied to all programme phases or activities. In accordance with Programme Management requirements, directives and regulations governing the application and tailoring of specifications and standards to achieve cost-effective acquisition and life cycle ownership of defence material, this standard shall be tailored to specific programme phases and activities. This tailoring shall be the selected application of methods, tables, sections, individual paragraphs or sentences, or a combination thereof, to be placed on contract in order to impose only the minimum essential needs to preclude unnecessary and unreasonable programme costs and risks.

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This standard establishes and defines the requirements for applying ergonomics to the development and acquisition of military systems, equipment and facilities within the RSA. These requirements include the work to be accomplished by the contractor or subcontractor in conducting an ergonomic effort integrated with the total systems engineering and development effort. These requirements are the basis for including ergonomics during proposal preparation, systems analysis, task analysis, systems design (including computer software design), equipment and facilities design, testing and evaluation and reporting.

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