FAA STD- Facility Configuration Management

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5.1 Establishment & Management of Facility Baselines. The purpose of this section is to provide a standard methodology for formal baseline establishment, management and change control of facilities through the Configuration Control Board (CCB). The NAS CM policy document details the processes and procedures for FAA CM.

Facility Configuration Management requires the establishment and continued maintenance of facility baselines. This is to be accomplished in accordance with respective Regional Configuration Control Board (RCCB) Charters. Facility baselines are established, formally approved, and placed under the management of the respective RCCB. Under normal circumstances, no facility modifications or equipment relocations to the baselined facility are authorized prior to the submittal and approval of a Case File/NCP.

5.1.1 Facility Baseline Package Submittal.
The facility baseline documentation package shall be submitted to the appropriate CM Manager for review and Change Control Board (CCB) processing.

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1.1 Scope.
This standard establishes a standard practice for the performance of facility configuration management. Facility configuration management provides decision-making visibility and a systematic management approach for efficient planning and implementation of facility improvements. This standard practice allows the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to establish and maintain a source of accurate technical data. The availability of this data will significantly enhance implementation and coordination activities while helping to reduce costs and schedule slips associated with the fielding of Capital Investment Plan (CIP) projects.

1.2 Purpose.
Facility baselines provide current and consistent facility technical documentation and information. They ensure that planners and engineers have access to the technical information needed for facility engineering, management analyses, development of budgetary estimates, and transition planning for facilities. Facility baselines have an improved national level of consistency, which allow drawings and data to be more readily used to support both national and regional level planning, budgeting and engineering requirements.

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