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3. Requirements

3.1 General
Except when otherwise stated herein and in addition to specifically cited codes and regulations, all designs shall be in accordance with the nationally recognized codes and regulations for uniformity of design and construction. National standard designs shall be in conformance with the most current revision of the Uniform Building Code, Uniform Fire Code, Uniform Mechanical Code and Uniform Plumbing Code. In those instances where local codes or regulations are more stringent than, or are in conflict with nationally recognized codes and regulations, those local codes or regulations shall be used.

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1.1 Scope
This standard defines the design requirements that shall be incorporated into designs of new National Airspace System (NAS) facilities and modifications to existing NAS facilities.

1.2 Purpose
This standard provides guidelines for the design of all new facilities and modernization and expansion of existing NAS facilities including buildings, structures, support equipment, surrounding grounds and site utilities. Specific technical requirements for these facilities will be defined in the subsystem or project specification and in the facility development specification for each subsystem or project. This standard is primarily for use in the development of national standard designs and may be used for site adaptation by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Washington in preparation of the facilities requirements portions of the NAS project specifications and shall be used by architects and engineers in the design of new facilities and modifications of existing NAS facilities. Criteria for MCF facilities is currently being developed.

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