FAA STD- Contract Training Programs

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2-5 Development of Training Materials

When training materials are developed, they must meet the requirements in this standard, which includes:

a. A systems approach to training development shall be used

b. All validation requirements shall be met

c. Traceability shall be maintained through all deliverables. Training outcomes and terminal objectives in the course design guide (CDG) shall be traceable to tasks selected for training in the task analysis. Terminal and enabling objectives in the CDG shall be traceable to the training materials.

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1-1 Purpose

This Standard establishes procedures for contractor-developed and/or delivered training through the application of the principles and procedures of a systematic training development process. Deliverables shall be developed as specified i the Data Item Descriptions (DIDs) or specifications that are part of the contract and shall be delivered in accordance with the contract. Anything that is not clearly specified in the contract specifications of SOW should be queried for clarification of the government. This Standard shall be applied to all training procurements when there is limited clarifying information in the contract, specifications or statement of work (SOW).

With this standard we hope to promote clear dialog between the contractors and the government. A contractor is encouraged to surface a query with the government representative of an approach that may be less costly, or more effective use of resources and efforts while providing quality systematic training products.

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