Navair Systems Engineering Technical Review Systems Process Handbook

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Systems Engineering Technical Reviews (SETRs)

SETRs are an integral part of the systems engineering process and life cycle management, and are consistent with existing and emerging commercial/industrial standards. These reviews are not the place for problem solving, but to verify that problem solving has been accomplished. The Naval Systems Engineering Guide provides systems engineering processes for use in support of the acquisition of NAVAIR systems. As a part of the overall systems engineering process, SETRs enable an independent assessment of emerging designs against plans, processes and key knowledge points in the development process. SETRs also apply to post-production, In-Service improvements and maintenance. An integrated team consisting of Integrated Program/Product Team (IPT) members and independent competency subject matter experts conducts these reviews. Engineering rigor, interdisciplinary communications, and competency insight are applied to the maturing design in the assessment of requirements traceability, product metrics, and decision rationale. These SETRs bring to bear additional knowledge to the program design/development process in an effort to ensure program success. Overarching objectives of these reviews are a well-managed engineering effort leading to a satisfactory Technical Evaluation (TECHEVAL), which will meet all of the required technical and programmatic specifications. This in turn will ensure a satisfactory Operational Evaluation (OPEVAL), and the fielding of a suitable and effective system for the warfighter.

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