Standardization of Military and Associated Terminology

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1. Purpose.

To establish procedures for the coordination, standardization, and dissemination of DOD and NATO military and associated terminology.

2. Organization.

The DOD terminology community consists of terminologists from the Joint Staff and the Services and terminology points of contact from OSD, the combatant commands, DOD CSAs, and other DOD components. Together they are the key participants in the DOD Terminology Program and in U.S. participation in the Military Committee Terminology Conference (MCTC) of the NATO Terminology Programme. The Joint Staff terminologist will conduct joint terminology WGs quarterly or as necessary, to coordinate terminology issues. These WGs will collect input and make recommendations on terminology policy and additions, modifications, or deletions to U.S. and/or NATO terminology to the Chief, JEDD.

3. Procedures for Approving DOD Terminology.

DOD terminology will be processed and approved using procedures established in references c and d as well as this instruction. Additions, modifications, and deletions of standardized terminology appearing in CJCS and DOD directives, instructions, etc., will not be considered approved for inclusion in JP 1-02 unless approved in accordance with this instruction. Upon approval, no additional dissemination will be required. Disseminations will be documented in the
JTMD. These changes will be recorded in the JDEIS and the JEL database copies and the JP format copy of the current contents of JP 1-02.

a. Terminology Changes to JP 1-02. Additions, modifications, or deletions of DOD terminology for JP 1-02 must be approved using one of the following four methods:

(1) DOD Terminology Proposed from Joint Publications. Establishing new or modified terminology in approved JPs and JP 1-02 at the same time is the preferred method for incorporating new terminology since a JP provides a doctrinal basis for the proposed terminology. Glossaries for JPs will be processed in accordance with references c and d, and reviewed by the Joint Staff terminologist and the DOD terminology community as part of the doctrine development process (reference d). The Joint Staff terminologist, working with the Joint Staff doctrine sponsor, will ensure all JP glossaries are correct prior to the final approval of the JP by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or a designated representative.

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